Tactical First Aid Kit (TFAK)

When the moment comes that you must rush to the aid of a bleeding trauma victim, one of the most important things you’ll be bringing to the rescue is a medical kit. The TFA™ Kit was developed by the founders of Tactical First Aid to work hand in hand with the TFA™ book and skills taught during the TFA™ course to extend the “Golden Hour” of a traumatic injury. Based on the military IFAK, the TFAK contains our choices for the best and most compact medical equipment devices for your use. The TFAK contains:

• A modular pouch designed to be worn

  on a belt or  attached to a MOLLE system

• (2) Nitrile gloves (L)
• Compression dressing
• Hemostatic gauze
• CAT tourniquet
• (2) Halo chest seals
• 28 Fr nasal airway and lube

TFAKs with the contents listed above can be purchased along with the TFA™ course.  Individual kit components and customized kits may also be purchased separately from our store and instructors. 

The Tactical First Aid (TFA™) Manual

The TFA™ Manual is a guide and supplement to the methods and techniques taught during the TFA course.  The manual is included in the cost of the course and is not available for purchase separately.

For more information on ordering a TFAK, individual components, or customized kit, or for more information regarding taking the TFA™ course, please contact us.

Telephone:  615-566-6129